September 2011


Among the tourists who visit Behrampur and Murshidabad, few are aware of a history enriched place named Bhattabati (alias Bhattamati), a village in the subdivision of Lalbagh in the vicinity. During the regime of Nawab Hussein Shah (1493-1519), around 1200 Bhatta Brahmin families from Karnat of Southern India came to settle down at this place. Hence the place had its name as Bhattabati (Residences of the Bhattas). The Second “Kanungo” (Registrar of the district, appointed to oversee the collection of the dues to the ruler) of the Nawab – Jaynarayan also had his residence at Bhattbati.

Five Pinnacle Ratneswar Temple
Five Pinnacle Ratneswar Temple

Although no family of Bhatta Bramhin stays here anymore and the palace or residence of the Kanungos has been completely wiped out, yet there exists a 200 years old Pancha-Ratna (Five Pinnacle) Shiva Temple with some exquisite Terracotta Arts existing on its wall.