September 2013

Ganapatipule Beach - Rocks and Cliffs
Ganapatipule Beach – Rocks and Cliffs

Ganapatipule is a popular beach for a weekend tour in Maharastra, especially during the monsoons. Like the Kashid beach near Alibaug, this is beach of white sand. It has a twin beach named Bhandarpule which gives you a spectacular top view as you drive towards Ganapatipule. There are several other beaches in the vicinity among which another twin beach ‘Aare-Ware’ and the secluded beach of Malgund are worth viewing. Other attractions include the rarely visited Jaigad fort perched on a hilltop near the Jaigad Creek.

Ganapatiphule is famous for its Swambhu Ganapati Temple. The temple is frequently visited by devotees as well as tourists looking for a beach holiday. The rock cut idol of Ganesha is around 400 years old and unlike other Hindu deities faces west and falls in the category of Paschim Dwar Devatas (West coast Gods). Since the rock formation was nature created and not man made, the idol is known as “Swambhu” (Self Generated). Such Swambhu Ganesh Statues are prevalent in Maharastra. At Amboli , we saw a similar statue (though much smaller) at Swambhu Ganapati Temple of Ragheshwar Ashram.

Among the popular legends the most common is that one gentleman escaping from a village feud stumbled upon this idol and later created a temple around it, which underwent renovations in the following years to come to the present state. Since the rock cut idol originated from Sand Dunes (Termed in Marathi “Pule”), the village has been named as “Ganapatipule”.